Welcome to the website of the Treated Passages From Hittite Texts Project. Here you will be able to search through some 16,000 references to Hittitological literature published from 1900-1960, providing philological and linguistic comments on passages from Hittite cuneiform texts.

Our aim is to provide researchers with an overview of all references to discussions of Hittite text passages published during the first 60 years of academic Hittitology. Though we have strived for completeness, this was impossible to achieve. Therefore, if you find any errors or missing references, we kindly invite you to contact us and help us come closer to our goal!

The final stage of this project was concluded by Han de Roos, with the assistance of Carola Bronkhorst. The database presented on this website, which has been designed by Nicky van de Beek, was created with the support of a grant by the Leiden University Institute for Area Studies.

Read more about the history and development of the Treated Passages From Hittite Texts Project on the About page.