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Please keep in mind that in some (but not all) cases, text numbers have been re-assigned to fit the nowadays conventional publication numbers rather than the designations that are mentioned in early publications. The Konkordanz der hethitischen Keilschrifttafeln is a very helpful tool for identifying excavation and publication numbers, and we strongly recommend using this website alongside our database for the best results.

Text names or designations used in early publications have sometimes only partially been updated to “modern” publication numbers. Please search for all known text designation variants in order to obtain maximum search results.

Please keep in mind:

During the period covered by this database there was no uniformity in referencing published texts – for instance: AU 1 = Tavagalavas Letter = Taw./Tav. = VAT 6692 = KUB 14 3.

Lines and column numbers are indicated in many cases – but references to specific lines and columns are not complete, as they often reflect the state of knowledge at the time of publication (1900-1960).

Authors’ names may appear in different spellings or variants – e.g., A. Götze = A. Goetze; Bedřich Hrozný = Friedrich Hrozný.